Have you signed up for your competition’s email list? If not, you should because you can learn so much from them. You can learn all about the right type of content to create, the language they use, the products they recommend, and more. You can learn about offers, CTAs etc. by signing up for the lists of other people/marketers in your niche.

  • You Can Learn About Language – When you sign up for other people’s lists, you can learn about the type of language they use to elicit the types of feelings they want to get from their audience.
  • You’ll Learn About Using CTAs Effectively – How do they use calls to action? What do you notice is most effective when using CTAs in email marketing messages? How often do they include a CTA and how many do they include in each email?
  • You Can Learn About The Types of Content That Work – When you read the email messages think about why they sent that email, what it was supposed to accomplish, and how they used words and tone to get you to do what they wanted you to do.
  • You Can Learn About the Types of Products They Recommend – Be sure to look through the email message for product recommendations that are affiliate products in addition to the products they’ve personally created and sell to their audience. Both are options for you to sell to your audience too.
  • You Can Learn About the Different Types of Emails Sent – Pay attention to how often and what type of emails they send. Do they have a regular time and day that they send the different types of emails? Identify the types of emails they send so that you can send the same types of emails to your email list.
  • You Can Learn About Effective Subject Lines – Are the subject lines effective? What makes them effective? If you can figure out why these subject lines work with the email included then keep that in mind for when you create your own email marketing messages.
  • You Can Learn About Providing Customer Service – Look at how they deal with problems that arise. For example, did they send out a link that didn’t work? How did they correct it? Did you try responding to an email to find out if anyone answered?  Did they answer? What happened?

There is so much you can learn about your audience, your competition, and business in general simply by signing up for other people’s lists. When you do, you’ll be able to put together a list and comparison based on what seems to be working and what is not working. Then, you can craft your own plan for your audience that is differentiated enough to make your work stand out for your audience.

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