A good way to build even more trust with our audience is to build a tribe. One of the reasons communities are so popular on social media and in person is because we are naturally drawn to be part of a group. But, one thing a group doesn’t like is when an outsider tries to come into their territory and act like an expert when they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

That’s the reason you need to be part of your tribe to earn their trust. You must show them that you’re one of them, that you’ve been where they are, and that you know how to help them with their problems with real-world solutions that have been tried and tested.

  • Stay Authentic – If you really want to be part of the group then you need to be a real person. Stop using ‘no-reply’, or corporate position email addresses, or fake images of yourself and your success or failures in public. People can see through the hype, and if you really want a wonderful group of people to trust you and admire you be trustworthy and admirable by being honest, real, and yourself.
  • Be Responsive – When you see comments, status updates, emails, and anything you can respond to it’s important that you don’t ignore it and do respond. How you respond to critics as well as complements show your audience who you are as a person and what values you stand for. Don’t pass up opportunities to show yourself.
  • Show Respect – When you show your audience respect and don’t just think of them as wallets or money generators it shows. It shows in the words you use, the products you create, and the work you do for and with your community.
  • Be a Resource – When you can help the people in your group even if it doesn’t pay off for you financially it’s important that you offer help where you can even if it means sending your customer to someone else. When you show that you’re a resource, people will see you as more expert-like and trust you even more.
  • Motivate Others – When you get the opportunity you can use your knowledge and passion to motivate others in your group. By being a cheerleader for others and helping them see their potential you’ll become someone who is looked up to, liked, and respected.
  • Share Openly – While you do want, as a business person, to keep some things to yourself about your life, it’s important that in as far as it has something to do with your audience and your niche, try to be more open about where you’ve been and where you’re going.
  • Show Proof – Being new to a group requires understanding that sometimes people will not trust you right away. But, if you take time to get to know people, and let them get to know you through the proof you have, it will go a long way.

When you’re dealing with group mentality it’s imperative that you show yourself as part of your group so that you will be accepted. If you can resonate with your tribe and show where you’ve been and how you succeeded they’re going to be that much more likely to respond to your efforts. Because people automatically trust someone they can relate to.

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