Social Media Management

(Expand Your Reach And Maximize Lead Generation)

It’s a fact that as a business owner, entrepreneur or professional trying to market your business or service online can be a difficult task, and it can even be hard to keep up. But the reality is, keeping up is critical to the growth and survival of your business.

The truth is you understand the need for social media marketing and realize the power of social platforms, but you lack a game plan and time to implement it.

Having a professional social media manager working on your business’s social media channels will enable you to define your online identity, reach your online goals, and remove the stress that results from a lack of time, understanding, and strategy.

I’m here to help you:

  • Stop stressing about the management of your social media accounts while you’re trying to run your business
  • Reach your goals online
  • Maintain consistency
  • Increase your customer service
  • Build your online community culture
  • Protect and maintain your positive reputation online

Here’s what you can expect:

Social Media Posting

I focus on capturing your brands’ unique voice through our strategy session, the research of your website, blog posts, social media posts and more.

As your social media manager, I will be writing quality social media posts that are relevant to your business’s industry.

You can expect these social media updates to be posted to your social media platforms strategically to maximize your visibility and maintain a consistent online presence. You can anticipate the curation of related articles, images, video, and text. In addition, your posts will include a range of promotional, educational and engaging content to keep your target audience entertained and informed.

Never again will you have to stress about not having enough time to post while you’re busy running your business because as your strategist I’ll be handling it all for you. You can relax knowing that while you’re growing your business your social media accounts are buzzing.

Facebook Sponsored/Boosted Posts

Based on your advertising budget and goals we will be sponsoring/boosting posts from your page. This type of advertising helps drive more targeted engagement and exposure to your brand since these posts will show up more often in the news feed, increasing the chances the audience you are targeting will see the post.

Custom Watermarked Images

High-quality images with your company’s logo on them are considered a watermarked image. Your social media manager will create these images for your business to increase brand awareness when your posts get shared. Having your images watermarked also make your brand look more professional and increase your brand exposure.

Social Channel Optimization

The goal of your profile is to convince people to pay attention to you. As your social media manager, I will ensure proper optimizations of your platforms based on your customer avatar. Your social media cover photos will be custom designed to ensure your brand looks professional and well branded throughout all of your social media channels.

Contest Creation And Management

Social media contests are an excellent way to generate exposure and engagement on your social platforms, which ultimately leads to increased opportunity for leads and sales. On request, we are able to plan and run social media contests for your brand from start to finish.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is all about protecting your brand reputation online. As your strategist, I’ll be monitoring your accounts daily to address any posts that could negatively impact your brand image and quickly capitalize on any positive chatter surrounding your brand online. I’ll be responding to basic inquiries and comments, or contacting you for anything that requires a more in-depth response.

All spam will be removed from your accounts.

Analytic Reports

Socialize Your Biz is committed to keeping you involved and informed through monthly email updates which include analytic reports. You will be kept up to date regarding your online growth and progress on each network managed for you. As we measure and monitor your social media campaign success we will review your results and make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure your campaign remains on track. You can expect these reports to be laid out in a simple and easy to understand format.

Regular Reviews

Communication is important and when you work with Socialize Your Biz, aside from receiving monthly analytics through email, you also have the opportunity to schedule a weekly 30-60 minute call strategy call. This call is used to keep an open line of communication, discuss the success of active campaigns, contests, and ads and discuss strategy for future campaigns. While regular calls are recommended, they are not mandatory.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Every month Facebook has approximately 1.5 billion active users and growing. This statistic tells us that no matter who your target audience is, they’re likely active in some form on Facebook.

When developing your ad strategy we determine exactly what audience will see your ads based on location, age, gender, and interests. By delivering ads directly to your targeted audience the ad is more relevant for the people who see them and yields a higher quality result.

With Facebook advertising, you can allow people to get directions to your business, download your app, visit your website, add an item to a shopping cart, or take other actions directly related to your business.

Instagram Advertising

Facebook owns Instagram, so when they released Instagram ads they offered the ability to target users the same way as on Facebook.

With over 400 million users and growing, Instagram is known to be a visual platform, offering brands the opportunity to showcase their products and services visually, rather than through text. Your ads will tell your brands’ story on Instagram primarily through the use of images.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Audit

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to make social media work for your business or profession? Are you trying to market your business or service online, but struggling to create momentum? We will provide an in-depth audit of your business’s social media presence across every platform and provide you with a detailed report showing you what you are doing well and what areas need improvement.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

While it is very important to know what area’s of your marketing you need to improve and what areas are doing well, how do you move forward once you have this important information? How do you go about getting better results and stop spinning your wheels? If you don’t know better, how can you do better? We will develop an entire social media marketing strategy channel by channel, advertisement by advertisement for your business.

Executing The Strategy

Once we provide you with a detailed audit of your social media channels and then provide you with the exact strategy to implement in order to improve your results, we remain available to you to answer your questions and hold your hand as you implement your new strategy.

Website Design And Development

The design and function of a business website is an essential factor of an online brand. A modern, mobile responsive website is a vital part of building a professional online reputation and should be included in an online marketing strategy. By including an effective website in your marketing tool belt you are giving your business the opportunity to build trust and credibility, through the testimonials, facts, and professionalism found on your site.

It is imperative for every business to have a website and the more professional it is the more advantages you can expect.

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