Many people don’t realize that all the content on their website and that they use in their business is useful, usually long after we forget we even created it. Old content is no different, especially old content that is still getting views. Let’s look at three ways to monetize old content but first, let’s talk about how to optimize old content.

Before you do any of these monetization ideas, take the time to locate old posts that still get traffic or got a lot of traffic in the past. Then, update the post to fully optimize it using the right keywords, headings, subheadings, and calls to action. Then once the content is fully updated and optimized you can add to it these ideas for monetization.

Ask for Donations

For some of you, this might be uncomfortable but you can sign up for different services that allow your readers to leave a tip or donate to support your efforts. There is nothing in the world wrong with doing it. You are offering a great benefit to your audience due to your expertise. The people who love you want to support you. You can also do this via a paywall making some of your content only available to people who pay for the privilege.

Promote a Product

If you have products that you created or that you’re an affiliate for you can promote them when they fit the audience reading the post. Add in a call to action, drop in the link, and let the sales page do its work. Another way to accomplish this is to offer a content upgrade which requires them to get on the email list that you’re using to promote certain products.

Offer a Service

Even if you don’t want to do services or offer coaching you can outsource this or use an affiliate link for this too. There is a segment of your audience that even with all the directions and instructions you provide they don’t want to do it. Whatever it is. If you have the ability to offer a done for you version, coaching, or other paid services a portion will take you up on it.

Monetizing old posts just like new posts is something that you should do as soon as possible. Take the time to go through your analytics to determine content that is still getting visitors but isn’t converting anything and make sure there is a way for them to convert by adding a call to action of some kind. You’ll boost your income dramatically if you ensure that you put some form of CTA on every page of your website and in every communication you send to your audience.

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