The truth is, this is something you may have never considered before…

You are a brand,

and people are checking you out.

First impressions can make you or break you and often you don’t have the opportunity to make that first impression in person anymore. Whether it’s a potential client, your future (or current) boss, a business associate or even your potential love interest – the chances are pretty good that they are googling and searching their social networks for your profile. Why? To make a judgment call on who they perceive you to be based on your photos, bio, ‘likes’, and associations.

So how can you make sure that you’re making the first impression that you are going for? Stay aware of what you are putting out there as your potential first impression and follow these 9 simple tips to socialize your biz online.


Facebook is a place you want to be aware of putting your best foot forward. Nearly everyone out there is on Facebook now and your Facebook profile can often show up even in a simple google search. Even if someone isn’t ‘friends’ with you on Facebook they can still see your profile photo, things you ‘like’, and some personal info.

2. Twitter

A great place to start on twitter is to follow people in your industry. Retweet them and tweet about their articles and content adding your voice of opinion. This is a great way to get noticed and make connections.

3. Linked In

It’s actually a fact that the more often people see your name and photo, the more they tend to like you! So you want to stay in the game on Linked In by joining groups that will connect you with new clients, employers, and contacts.

4. Pinterest

Ask anyone who has a Pinterest addiction, there is A LOT of information you can post, re-pin and comment on on Pinterest. So even if you don’t currently have your own fresh content to post you can pin existing content, relating to your brand, to show people you’re passionate about your industry.

5. Google+

If you’re trying to get your search rankings up, this is a great place to be direct your attention. If you write blog posts or articles, you can track them through Google authorship.

6. Instagram

On Instagram, you can search for things related to your industry via the #hashtag. Liking and commenting on people’s photos in addition to posting your own will help get you noticed.

7. YouTube

Upload content-rich videos on youtube sharing valuable advice and information with clients, co-workers, and professionals. This is a great place to position yourself as a resource for people.

8. Blog

Creating a blog to share your thoughts and opinions is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader. Depending on what your goals are, this is also a great place to have your resume, experience, and personal story posted.

9. Slideshare

Utilize SlideShare for demonstrating your skills and expertise by uploading a presentation. Once again this is a fantastic way to show that you have value to offer your audience and should be considered a resource for them.

Do you have any more ideas to share on how to grow your online brand? Get social with us and share them here!

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