Keywords are the words that your audience uses to find your content, information, and products. If you have discovered some keywords that will work in this manner then it’s important to find a way to use them creating content around the keywords and keyword phrases. Doing so will improve search results and bring more traffic.

Keyword Density

Today, keyword density isn’t as important as it used to be in the past. The important thing is that the words you use are relevant, unique and help you provide value to your audience. Software like Yoast suggest no more than 2 percent keyword density, but first, write the content using the keyword in a natural way. You can always improve it later.

Know Where to Use Keywords

There are important places where you want to use keywords when you have chosen them. Use them in the URL, the title, H1 tags, in the first paragraph of the content, on subheadings, within image file names and “alt” text, as well as in the meta description of the content. You can also use them within links that you use for internal linking to other content on your website.

Make the Content Unique

You can check your content using for duplicate issues. Even if you don’t mean to sometimes you might create content that is too much like someone else’s content. By checking it you ensure uniqueness which is important to have to get ranked for any keyword or keyword phrase.

Know the Buying Stage of the Viewer

When you’re creating the content if you know who you’re creating the content for and where they are in their buying journey with you, you’ll be able to make the content more user-friendly and interesting to your audience. Do they need information, are they researching, or have they decided?


Once you have a list of keywords and keyword phrases that you think you want to develop content around, take each keyword or phrase and spend ten minutes brainstorming ideas surrounding that keyword or phrase. If you focus only on that one keyword for that ten minutes you should be able to come up with numerous ideas.

Create an Outline

When you are creating any type of content a great way to help is to create an outline. Put the keywords in the points you’re trying to make, and then think of other ways to say the words than the keywords. The reason is that there are numerous keywords within any piece of content you create even if you’re not focusing on them. Once you’re done with the outline fill it in with the facts and your opinion and thoughts about the facts.

The truth is, it’s so much easier creating content around keywords than it is to start without any direction. Knowing the keywords your audience uses to find you will help tremendously with endless content creation ideas.

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