It’s a fact, businesses need social and community managers. The fact that you’re reading this likely means that you already know this to be true, you’re just looking for some confirmation.

Social media has become an incredibly important aspect of any successful business plan and studies show that, on average, 18-34-year-olds spend a little over 3 hours per day on social media. So if you want to get noticed and talked about, in a positive way, you need a social media marketing plan.

Regardless of whether it’s a Facebook post, a tweet on Twitter or a photo on Instagram, social media has changed the way your prospects and customers voice their criticism and praise of your company. This is also true regarding the way that they now consume information and even the way they make their purchases. The truth is that businesses must adapt their marketing to these changes.

Because social media has become the new classified ads page, highway billboard and water cooler hangout where people gossip and share referrals, you already know that having a social media strategy is an important aspect of any marketing plan. But, if you’re like most businesses, you’re not doing it as well as you know you should be.

As a business owner you know that you have the ability to reach more customers than ever before but here’s the challenge: you’re busy. Busy putting your heart and soul into the daily routine that is your company. You have a business to run and you don’t have the time or expertise necessary to run a successful social media campaign. In fact, you may be wasting precious time and resources on ineffective campaigns or possibly just abandoning the social media landscape entirely. Both decisions will cause you to miss out on a huge opportunity for increased sales and awareness.

Luckily there are social media strategists. Individuals who love creating and implementing these strategies for you and get excited about seeing their plans bring success to your business.

Here are 4 reasons you need to have a social media manager in order to put these plans and processes in place:

1. You need a social media manager to LISTEN.

You need someone who is actively listening to what your fans and followers are saying about you on social media. You want people talking about you however, you also want to know what it is they have to say about you. This is important so that you can monitor and respond to customer service and reputation management issues promptly. People want to be acknowledged when they offer praise or are dissatisfied. You will need to be sure you are doing so to keep them happy and engaged, otherwise, you risk them hitting the unfollow button or even worse, an unmanaged PR nightmare.

2. You need a social media manager to INFLUENCE.

Influence is everything in social media. Your expert will be sure that you are seen as a person of influence and an authority in your field. They will establish authority often through the distribution and sharing of valuable content on a consistent basis.

3. You need a social media manager to NETWORK.

Associating and networking with influential and authoritative profiles online is important to help get the word out about who you are and what you have to offer. Having social media influencers in your court can help spread your message beyond your immediate circle into a whole new group of prospects.

4. You need a social media manager to SELL

You may think you’ve got this one covered but let me assure you that the WAY you sell on social media is very different than traditional advertising. It’s extremely important not to come off pushy or sleazy. Remember, people are not on social media to be sold to, they are there to be entertained. Good social media management will help control the conversation surrounding your business and services leading to positive customer experiences, increased authority for your brand and ultimately more leads and sales.

What are some of the reasons you decided to get a social media manager? Let us know in the comments below!

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